Vanessa Bertagnole is an award winning, fine art photographer, artist and arts management professional based in Brisbane Australia.

Glitchscapes are Vanessa's exploration in painting with pixels. Glitch Art or databending, involves manually tweaking and recoding an image's raw data to create obscure and unpredictable visual effects. In a time where we rely on digital technology to deliver is accuracy and consistency, Vanessa enjoys experimenting with the artistic potential found in its failure. Her artistic process is referential to the building blocks of digital technology with the end result ultimately linking to abstract painting. Influenced by music and the Australian environment, Vanessa utilizes bright colours and rhythmic forms and patterns to evoke a kind of musical score.

With her Glitchscapes, Vanessa hopes to blur the boundaries of traditional image-making and challenge the role media plays in shaping our perceptions of reality. 

Vanessa attended the Australian National University and received a Master's degree in Visual Culture Research in 2011. With her art practice, she is mostly self-taught. Her work has been featured in international publications and held in private collections through out the world.

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